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Here are some ideas for your future site that we can offer you:

1. Introduce a rewards system where users can earn rewards points for completing tasks or participating in activities.

2. Create a forum for users to discuss their experiences with the site and share tips and advice.

3. Add a live chat feature so users can communicate with each other and get support.

4. Develop a mobile app for users to access the site on their phones and tablets.

5. Offer personalized recommendations for users based on their past choices.

6. Allow users to create their own polls and surveys to get feedback from other users.

7. Develop a virtual assistant to help users make better decisions.

8. Introduce a gamification element to make decisions more enjoyable and engaging.

9. Offer a subscription plan to allow users to access exclusive content and features.

10. Create a social media presence to engage with users and keep them informed about new features.

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